CHAM 2018

François-Xavier ALBOUY
Head of Research
Chair in “Demographic Transitions, Economic Transitions”
François-Xavier Albouy has a PhD in Economics from Paris-Dauphine University and specialises in insurance, risk management and micro-finance.
He has held various positions of responsibility in insurance companies and in insurance and social welfare consulting, notably in countries in transition, and for five years was chief executive of a micro-insurance operation very active in West Africa. That company put in place programmes to cover health and harvest risks in the Sahel using index-insurance techniques.
He also worked on missions to provide technical assistance for insurance and micro-insurance in Russia, Asia and Latin America.
He is currently Research Director for the Chair of Demographic Transitions, Economic Transitions at the Louis-Bachelier Institute, Risk Foundation (PSL, Dauphine) and Associate Professor at IPAG.
The author of numerous articles on insurance and social welfare, his latest work "The Price of a Man", Grasset, advocates the principle of a universal minimum price of human life to facilitate the development of insurance and social welfare in emerging countries.