Public Health Doctor



Physician specialized in public health, François Krabansky is also an expert in health public policy.
Currently National Adviser to the MSA, he holds a master's degree in hospital management from the EHESP School of Public Health.
He was President of the National association of public health residents, of the Residents committee of Reims and Project Manager of the French Junior Doctor Trade Union (ISNI).
François Krabansky is currently a Member of the council of the Université du Change Management, think thank, dealing with innovations in hospital management. He regularly contributes to discussions and publications of several think tanks in relation to health as with the CRAPS.
Being passionate about the development of the health care system, he published in 2016 a report on the Medical attractiveness of the public hospital. He wrote various op-ed articles in favour of a system geared towards public health by strengthening the promotion of health.

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