Gérard Vuidepot was born in Algiers in 1949.

Gérard Vuidepot is an important player in the second generation of hospital staff insurance companies.
In 1975, after completing his studies, he embraced a hospital career.
In 1975, he started out at the Béthune Hospital in northern France, before working at Lille University Hospital and at Roubaix Hospital as Human Resources Director.
Between 1992 and 1996, he headed the Saint-François Clinic in Haguenau, an officially recognised Foundation hosting a short-stay clinic, a home-treatment service, a public dentistry network for disabled people and nursing care centres.

Gérard Vuidepot was elected to the MNH (Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers) board of directors in 1987, before becoming President of the insurance company in 1997. His work is based on efficacy and a determination to provide an uncompromising defence of the living standards and well-being of hospital staff.

In 2016, Gérard Vuidepot became President of Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers life insurance.

His aim was for the insurance company to do much more for the hospital community. In 2013, he helped MNH launch a unique transformation process in the health insurance sector, ensuring growth and sustainability by developing additional services for people in the hospital sector. This led to MNH setting up the nehs Group, which today provides a complete range of services for people working in the health sector in three key areas: insurance, banking and services.

In 2015, Gérard Vuidepot was appointed President of the Banque Française Mutualiste, a position he held until 2020.

Under his leadership, MNH has become a major reference for players in the health and social sectors as a specialist in complementary health insurance and life assurance for hospital staff.
Today, MNH is the only insurance company dedicated to the health sector, while the nehs Group has become a global player in the health, social and medical-social service sectors.

Mr Vuidepot is also an administrator for the Mutualité Française federation and a delegate at its general assembly. He is a member of the UNOCAM and Mutuelles Santé boards and alternating President and supervisory board member for the SMS cooperative union's "Ligne Claire" service.

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