Medical Practitioner for 10 years (Doctor of major endemics in Lambaréné, General Practitioner in Seyne les Alpes)
After 18 months at Servier, Benoît Gallet spent 26 years within BMS where he held various management positions (marketing, infectious disease BU, UPSA, public affairs and communication). During this period, he represented France in “Secur the Futur“, the program of the BMS Foundation in French-speaking Africa; President of Tulipe for 4 years.
Benoît Gallet is President of CARPIEM, a consultancy company, he is also invested in several associations.
Member of the Supervisory Board of the IMEA (Foundation Léon Mba)
Administrator of Thuasne
Member of the editorial board of Prescription Santé
Senior Advisor at RCAfactory
Administrator of Rire Médecin
President of the Association Le Filon

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Overcoming crimes linked to healthcare products

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