Professor of Economics



Sandy Tubeuf is Professor of Health Economics at UCLouvain (Belgium), Researcher at IRSS (Institute of Health and Society) and at IRES (Institute for Economic and Social Research). She obtained her PhD of economic sciences at GREQAM, Aix-Marseille University.
During her career, she worked for the Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics – IRDES in Paris, the York University and Leeds University in Great Britain.
She is Vice President of the medico-economic research program at the Ministry of Solidarities and Health. She is also involved in expert committees (e.g. NIHR, FNRS; ESCR, EC).
Her research has focused on evaluation of public policies or health technology and are based mainly on survey data and clinical trials.
She also carries out research on investigations of the health inequalities, inequalities of chances and the economy of lifestyles.
Sandy Tubeuf has published more than 60 articles about economics, health economics and health policy.

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